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“ eCommerce Trends 2022 on Facebook and Google Advertising ”

Let’s kick off by checking the future eCom trends and what you can do to keep your business to stay trendy.

Video content

Video content is becoming one of the most prominent online shopping trends because it has more credibility than photos. For example, if an online shop features a short clip with a product overview, store visitors can see an item from different angles, watch other people use it, or maybe even hear opinions about it.

Here’s why you should consider adding video shopping to your eCommerce marketing strategy:

  • Video on your website increases dwell time — the length of time a person spends looking at a webpage after they’ve clicked a link. It helps your website rank higher in search engines.
  • Video can boost conversion rate by 80%
  • Videos are more engaging and increase clickthrough rate (CTR)

Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are not just friendly companions that tell you about the weather. They help with shopping, too. It is expected that in 2022 the volume of eCommerce sales made through voice shopping will reach $40 Billion in US and UK alone.

This trend gives eCommerce store owners more selling opportunities, but it requires putting extra work into optimizing websites for voice shopping.

Here’s what you can do to make sure voice assistants mention your products in search results:

  • Use long-tail keywords (three words and more) to let assistants find your web store. Use SEO tools to research such keywords. Also, you can use Google autocomplete feature to get the idea of which keywords people use for searching for products like yours.
Source: Google Blog
  • Target voice assistants questions. You already know the needs of your customers. Use this knowledge to create the list of questions your potential customer would ask, and then incorporate them into your content. For example, “How to bathe a cat?”, “Where to find a Christmas costume for pets?” “What’s the best post-workout supplement?” etc.
    Make sure to visit the Answer the public website to get ideas for questions for your site.
  • Write simple texts for your descriptions. To let voice assistants easily read your website information, write your copy at about a 9th-grade level. You may want to use Hemingway text editor to create concise and to-the-point texts. It helps you remove redundant phrases and prompts sentences that are too difficult to process.

eCommerce trends — check. Now, what does 2022 hold for eCommerce advertising? Let’s take a look, starting with Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads cost

It is a universal law: if a product is in high demand, its price goes up. And since Facebook (now Meta) is one of the most effective marketing platforms, Facebook ads cost is likely to grow in 2022.

The competition between advertisers on Facebook is mounting. There are about 10 million active advertisers on the platform. Such a high number is one of the reasons behind the increasing ad spend. Advertisers spent about $50 billion on Facebook advertising in 2021, 32% more than the previous years, and the upward trend will persist in 2022, too.

Things can you do to optimize your Facebook ads for higher ROAS:


2022 is not expected to be a revolutionary year for eCommerce and digital ads. Many trends that emerged in 2020 and 2021 will continue to develop in the upcoming year. However, they will become more impactful, and eCommerce merchants will need to incorporate them to sustain and grow their business.

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